Mızraksan ferforge was established series of hot forged spears for manufacturing and wholesale sales in 2006.

It is known that the meaning of the spear with a long handle and sharp weapons and iron- tipped javelins format is sport utility vehicles.The spear means for us;spear is wrought iron which is used to prevent unauthorized entry to the garden.Our company can produce these productsin all sizes of iron.Our production amounts is 10.000 pieces Daily.

We are a follower of developing technology.We aim to you must have quality product used as a means of personal protection and decoration in wrougth iron industry.Mızraksan ferforge gives importance to customer satisfaction and quality standarts of production ,so our company has been the new name of quality and confidence in markets.

Our company manufacturesin ıts own structure approximately to 95 % of the products used in wrought iron.

Our company are making the production of wrought iron models.Spears are printed in automatic machine and friction presses.Mızraksan the fall production capacity among the leading companies of the sector Daily 10.000 pieces/C motifs 15.000 pieces.According to demand expect stand spear we are manufacturing in different sizes.

We can deliver our products to the farthest point in the country.In addition our trade countinues with the Middle East and Balkan countiries.

Our company has been manufacturin special designed wrought iron and we provide on-site installation service.